Café Touski

A quick blog tonight to say that I visited the best kept secret of our neighbourhood so far… and man there is heart here that seems to bind the area together really well.  My wife and I went to Café Touski where we were fed great meals (we chose vegetarian options).  I could go on about this place but based on how fast I seem to be writing blogs, I should simply keep this short and sweet…. and write it now rather than later.  This place really does seem to care about it’s neighbourhood (Sainte-Marie/Centre-Sud) and by doing a little looking around I found out about a few other cultural options locally.   Anyhow, there were even sandwiches named after local spots (Bain Mathieu, Du Havre, etc.).  The Bain Mathieu part made me feel happy as it’s on my side of the neighbourhood… at last, I feel like I belong somewhere.  Anyhow, for more info on this local co-op-run restaurant, check out this recent Hour review.

p.s. also went to the library this week to find books on the neighbourhood.  Sadly, I only found 1 book which is more of a pamphlet.  The pamphlet gives a good insight as to why this neighbourhood is separated the way it is and it starts with the creation of the Saint-Jacques Bridge.   I’ll write more soon and meanwhile I have to go to the area’s historical museum Eco Musée du Fier Monde as 1 book is simply not enough.  One thing is for sure, it’s more fun to do research when the info is harder to find.


Une réponse à “Café Touski

  1. Took them a while to get it right (food and service were spotty when they started), but I’m happy they had the resources to stick around. Now it’s much better.

    Also interesting is a mini-market that starts up at the corner of Ontario and Iberville when it gets warm. About 4 tents or so.

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