Sainte-Marie vs. St-Eusèbe

So I decided to change the blog name (at least for now) to « Sainte-Marie » as it’s the neighbourhood name that I seem to find the most around here in these modern times.  People seem to use it west of Frontenac St.   East of Frontenac, where I live, I haven’t asked enough people but the federal and provincial elections confuse things as our population is put together with Hochelaga.  But from a neighbourhood perspective, we are not in the same borough and clearly separated by tracks.  I like going to Hochelaga-Maisonneuve a lot, it’s a great neighbourhood with a lot of energy.  You have the Promenade on Ontario st. and past Pie-IX you have the old Maisonneuve town area that has a fabulous market.  But call me strange, I just don’t want to go under train tracks to « go » into my neighbourhood.  I like visiting Hochelaga but it feels just like that… visiting.  It was nice to go to Café Touski the other day on Ontario St. (between Frontenac and Fullum) as it felt like something near our house within a very short walk. 

Ultimately what I have learned about St-Eusèbe by talking to people is that it’s based on the Church « Eglise St-Eusèbe » on Fullum St. and that in the past neighbourhoods were often formed based on the local parish (ou « paroisse » en francais).  Makes sense for what was once a very religious/catholic culture.   As for these modern times, Sainte-Marie seems to be the name of the area, one that has been around for a while. 

From the one book I did find in the library, I did find out that the neighbourhood was also known as « Faubourg Québec » and nicknamed « Faubourg a M’lasse (source: Vue Sur le Pont, Eric Giroux).  I’ve read on the Internet numerous places that there were molasses made in the area and/or that all the factory smells put together would form a molasses smell. 

Anyhow… so where am I now?  Well, I think I am satisfied enough to say the « Sainte-Marie » neighbourdhood within the « Centre-Sud » area  (…and within the Ville-Marie borough).   I’ll probably get corrected at some point but that’s ok. 

In the next few blogs, I’ll discuss what I have found that divided the Centre-Sud/Sainte-Marie neighbourhood and made it the way it is.   Still have a little more reseach to do first so please bear with me


2 réponses à “Sainte-Marie vs. St-Eusèbe

  1. I know that part of the faubourg m’lasse now was razed in 1963 to « clean up » the area. This neighbourhood once counted 778 homes, 12 grocery stores, 13 restaurants, 8 garages, 4 print-shops and 20 factories. It now counts 1 office tower (the radio canada building) and a parking lot.

    Other parts of the neighbourhood that weren’t overtly razed got paved over by the Jacques cartier bridge & onramps in the ’30s, and the widening of Rene Levesque blvd after that.

    If you live in this hood its no wonder that something feels missing…

  2. I live on Rouen near Frontenac, and am fairly amazed at all the pizza places and depanneurs near here. Plus a ton of print shops and carroseries. (auto body shops)

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