Macroeconomics… I mean Macromontrealhistory

Just a quick update on things. I started reading up on a number of subjects re: Sainte-Marie  and some of the reasons why this neighbourhood is hard to define.   A lot of it has to do with how it has been divided over the years and had homes expropriated in order to create The Jacques Cartier Bridge (this is the one book I did manage to find on the history of Sainte-Marie), the CBC building (5000 families were move:, the increase in traffic on Iberville and Papineau, the Notre-Dame parkway, etc. 

Also, found some really interesting info on an urban revitilization plan called « Sainte-Marie, Mon Quartier » that occurred between 2002-2005.   A great deal of research was done, reports created and work started during that time that helps define this neighbourhood.

Still, with all these findings, it seems overwhelming to try to explain all of this in one new blog as one door opens another and I still feel like I have to do way more research.  So what have I decided to do?  I took a step back to learn the history of Montreal itself after finding a great book that I highly recommend: « Montréal en évolution: Historique du dévéloppement de l’architecture et de l’environment urbain montréalais ».

Essentially, after talking to people and finding out various info (Montreal neighbourhoods were based on parishes, it used to be called « Hochelaga » and « Ville-Marie », I wanted to see if I could get any insights by looking at the bigger picture of Montreal history and what I found out so far is quite interesting.  Anyhow, I am wiped as I had pre-natal class all day with my wife and then came home to walk Elliot so my first « macro » blog will come another day.  Good night.


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