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My wife is about to give birth soon so it’s been a busy time… but here’s a quick story and link for you.   The first name of the neighbourhood was « Faubourg Québec » which was one of the first suburbs of Ville Marie just outside the fort walls of what is now known as « Old Montreal ».  It was later named Sainte-Marie  (in 1840 according to the city of Montreal website) and part of it (where now stands the CBC building on René Levesque) was nicknamed « Faubourg de M’lasse ».   Sainte-Marie of today seems to have moved east of Papineau as the Gay Village (north of the CBC building) has created a whole new neighbourhood on its own but it was probably once considered the same area.    I am probably way too concerned about boundaries as my wife said to be me today « I consider our neighbourhood to be whatever is in walking distance ».  I can’t argue with her but then if I wasn’t so obsessed with boundaries, there wouldn’t be a blog. 

Anyhow, check out this TV archive story from 1963, ironically from the CBC itself (the ones that helped expropriate the land in order to create a building and a parking lot in the first place).  There are some neat historical facts in this interview that I have not found in litterature yet.

p.s. I noticed on a walk with Elliot that the old « Faubourg Québec » just east of old fort walls  (and west of the Molson building) is now being billed as « Old Montreal » by condo developers.  I am not 100% certain about this but I would wager that the cliff that separates Old Montreal from Faubourg Québec is the wall itself.


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