St-Eusèbe slowly disappearing?

Stolen Plaque

Stolen Plaque

Well, I just found out the sad news today that someone has stolen the two original bronze plaques at Bain Mathieu which had the inscription “Quartier St-Eusèbe” on it.  If you remember some of my old posts, you will know that this blog started with a need to find the name of our neighbourhood.  Since St-Eusèbe was written on my Montreal map and because I had found this plaque, I was determined to find the “heart” of this unknown neighbourhood.  No one referred the neighbourhood by « St-Eusèbe » so I was determined to find its history and see if it still existed.  Unfortunately nothing came up in my research and so it’s quite unfortunate that yet another piece of this old ward has now vanished.  Please click here for the full story.

Also, I received a letter-at-large in the mail today from the St-Eusèbe Parish (La Paroisse St-Eusèbe-de-Verceil) which notes that it risks being transformed or demolished as the parish no longer has the financial means to keep it running.  I have to say that I have passed by on a few Sundays and there wasn’t much attendance (unlike the Polish church on Hochelaga).  It’s a shame but I can’t say I am doing much about it myself as I am like many francophones: I have my catholic roots but I have since moved on.  Anyhow, if you are reading this and this parish was once part of your community, the church is looking for donations (suggested $25 per person / $55 per family) which at the very least will help the parish itself (not the building) keep going on.  Donations can be sent in the name of the church to 2151 rue Fullum, Montréal, QC, H2K 3P1. 

I feel that I have to speed up my research on St-Eusèbe before more is lost and forgotten.


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