A Blog on Centre-Sud Photos


Le balcon de Juliette dans la ruelle verte La Rivière juste au nord de rue Lariviére (entre Parthenai et Harmony). Photo: Jean Pierre Lacroix.

 I like to google Centre-Sud and most of the time I am unlucky in my searches but once in a while I find something very interesting.  In fact, right on WordPress.com, I was able to find another like-minded blogger focusing on the eastern side of the Centre-Sud neighbourhood, although unlike my historical story-telling take, I am happy to have found someone who is documenting the neighbourhood from a photographer’s point of view.

Please meet photographer and Centre-Sud/Sainte-Marie citizen Jean Pierre Lacroix and his photo blog Le Quartier Centre-Sud.  He is also the co-founder of a housing cooperative on Pathernais for local artists called Lezarts.  What I particularly liked about Jean-Pierre’s photos is how he captures very simple aspects of our daily lives but highlights them in very beautiful ways while making his images look like paintings.   I am very happy to share this blog and these images with you as you will get a chance to see yet another beautiful side of our neighbourhood.

Also, Jean-Pierre describes the history of Centre-Sud in a very interesting and succinct manner here in this blog post.

p.s.  this post got me thinking of an idea to highlight other great blogs from Centre-Sud/Sainte-Marie residents (whether or not they speak of the neighbourhood) so watch out for future blogs about blogs!  If you have any tips, please send me some links to check out.



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