Blogging just to blog…

Eglise St-Eusebe

Eglise St-Eusebe

I am posting the above photo as a kick in the you know where so that I can get blogging again.  I have tons of ideas to explore and a catalogue of photos taken (like the one above) to put visuals to these stories… but of course finding the time is the real challenge.  Right now, I have been focused on my baby daughter.  It’s an exciting time for us as a family but I’ll spare you the details you’ve heard from every other parent.  What I will say is that I finally get why every other parent goes on about every little success of their child (e.g. rolling over, sitting, etc.) .   It’s amazing to experience and obviously it’s even more powerful for the parent who is deeply connected to their child.  Anyhow, there’s renos to do too but they’ve been put off as well.  So naturally blogging falls way down the list.  Still, Fall is a time for change so I will try to find some personal time to continue this hobby.  Talk to you soon… you know, maybe.


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