Let’s walk this way…


What I like about doing my blog on the Sainte-Marie neighbourhood is that it has directed me to notice new things that otherwise I would just not have paid attention to.  That’s pretty the much the way it is for all of us.  We notice what needs to be noticed.  Still, since this is a relatively new hobby for me and since I had no clear goals beyond “finding the neighbourhood’s name (and heart)”, I am still taken by surprise as to where this has taken me.  My hobbies have always been music-centric and now I find myself taking photos, writing, reading other blogs, meeting neighbours, attending community events, joining the local park committee, getting people to sign a petition and even accidentally voicing my opinion at the local municipal/borough counsel.  This probably sounds like nothing but if you know me, this is far different than my old hobbies of listening to, playing and promoting music.  If I had chosen yoga as my new hobby, I would probably simply be doing yoga on a routine night and that’s it.  But writing this blog has opened my eyes and ears and enabled me to uncover things while thinking “I wonder what that is, let’s walk in that direction…”


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  1. That’s my rule in life.

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