RETROUVAILLES SAINTE MARIE 2009 est la grande rencontre annuelle des résidants, organismes, institutions et entreprises de Sainte Marie qui échangeront sur leurs visions de l’avenir du quartier.  Touts les citoyens de Sainte-Marie sont les bienvenues donc venez en grand nombre!

SAMEDI, le 21 NOVEMBRE 2009 de 9H00 à 17H00 à l’école Pierre-Dupuy, 2000 rue Parthenais, Montréal.  Garderie gratuite disponible.  Pour information et inscription gratuite: téléphone 514-872-7012 et visitez



  1. Hi Eric,
    Hopefully I’ll see you at the meeting tomorrow maybe the Polish church bazaar too.

    One important issue is the future of the dog run at parc des Royeaux, it seems the coop next to it is trying to have it shut down. Here is my feeling about that.

    City dog park under attack.

    I moved into this neighborhood about 6 years ago. We had a little dog called Mocha at that time and while walking her, I discovered the Aire de chien de park Rouen. I entered the park and while, Mocha, who was very shy, interacted with her new canine companions, I started becoming acquainted with my neighbors. After 2 months of taking my dog to this park for her daily regimen of exercise and canine bonding, I discovered that I had become acquainted with more people in our neighborhood than the other three members of my family combined. Some of these people I still see now and speak to regularly.

    Now I see that the space has come under attack members of the coop Lézarts seem to have a problem with the barking of dogs, the noise of the gate closing repeatedly and the dust. It appears to me that the area allotted for us to meet and exercise our selves and our dogs is now at risk of being reduced or removed.

    We shouldn’t let the title « dog park » cloud our vision and assume that this space has less importance because it’s for the use of « dogs ». This part of the park is just as important to the entire neighborhood as the Basketball court, which is as close to the coop as the dog exercise area ( does that have to go too?) the noise of the bouncing ball on asphalt and the metal backstop is no less loud than the dogs barking. It’s as important as the playground and the fountains adjacent to the basketball court and still closer to the coop than most of the dog area, where the children play daily and scream and shout with delight in the water spray (do they have to go to?)

    Hundreds of people use this area regularly many, local and some come from other parts of the city, because this particular Aire de chien has a reputation for being very pleasant and amiable. Some of these users live alone and the dog area is an important place which enables them to stay in contact with other residents of the quartier. For some it’s the only chance they have get out into the fresh air not to mention that the health of many of their pets depends on getting a daily dose of exercise. Now I have a difficult time understanding why these hundreds of users of this « twenty year old » aire de chien have to have be deprived of their service because residents of two or three coop units object to it being there. The aire de chien was there when they arrived and by all that is reasonable it should be there when they’re gone.

    I believe that if these people are successful in removing the aire de chien their next target will be the « equally noisy » and even closer, basketball court. Then what’s next to go, the fountains? Please join with us and sign this petition to protect all of the services of this park, there is little enough park space that we should not allow what we have now to be whittled away.

    New condos and housing units are mushrooming in the neighborhood and we are going to need all green space we can find.

    One couple I know, met in the aire de chien and they are now together with a new « human » addition to their family and living in the coop Lézarts has which has the problem with the dogs being there. I can’t for a minute believe that they have any objections to the presence of the Aire.

    Stacy Johnston and Lolly

  2. Here’s a correction to my blog url.

  3. I showed up near the end. Afraid my French wasn’t up to it. One of the plans was for a commercial plaza or square, of the type east on Ontario Street near Pie IX. It would include a liquor store, and some shops. Don’t know if it would really work with the neighbourhood. Wish I could have taken some spy shots of the plans.

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