Happy New Year / End of this Blog

Just to make it official, I am writing this small article to state that this blog has come to an end. I kept it alive hoping that I would do something with it but I think my interest has shifted. I created this blog to uncover my neighbourhood’s name and “heart” and I feel like I’ve done that on the basic level I was looking for. As for my history research, I never quite had enough time to do any proper research with work and family life keeping me busy. Anyhow, I’ll keep the posts up nonetheless in case anybody ever wonders about our neighbourhood and wants some information to get them started. I am very grateful for all the people I’ve met because of this blog and the community doors this has opened. It makes me realise I need to do something completely new once again. Godspeed.


4 réponses à “Happy New Year / End of this Blog

  1. Merci de nous avoir fait connaître ton quartier.

  2. Thanks, and good luck in all your new endeavors!

  3. I don’t think these really ever end, unless it all gets deleted.

  4. hey, I’m researching canadian transportation history and your blog post was the first thing that popped up doing a google search of Hochelaga yards. Interesting.


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