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New Blogs Coming on

Recently I announced on Twitter that I would be transferring my neighbourhood blogs onto which is a new community portal currently run by 4 residents.  It will be a challenge for me to write in French but I am welcoming this change.  Two blogs are in the works for this week – one to talk about a recent closing ceremony to thank all the park-committee volunteers from this past summer and the other will be of interest to those following my historical research.  I was lucky enough recently to meet more people from the Polish community in Sainte-Marie and was invited to their Harvest dinner, this opened up great conversations that I will have delve into deeper in the future but for now I’ll give you a bit of introduction (en français) to this community and their history in Sainte-Marie.  Stay tuned on this week.  p.s. I am keeping this blog and with the separate website now in the works, I’ll let this blog evolve organically (probably my English writing mixed in with more personal blogs – basically talking about my family activies + my research when the work itself is not ready to be published).


Le Coeur du Quartier/Le Coeur de Sainte-Marie a un an!

En marchant dehors dans la neige aujourd’hui, je me suis rappelé des premières fois que je me promenais dans le quartier avec Elliot l’année passé et je me suis souvenu que le Coeur du Quartier a maintenant un an!  Il y a un an je me posais la question sur le nom du quartier.  En fait, le blog se nommait Le Coeur de St-Eusèbe au tout début mais quelques mois plus tard j’ai bien appris que le coin avait bien un nom: Sainte-Marie.  Voici un lien au tout premier blog que j’ai écrit.  Oui j’ai répondu ma question mais il reste beaucoup d’autre chose à découvrir dans la prochaine année… à bientôt!

Sketch-blog from a Sainte-Marie Resident

Sainte-Marie sketches by Jack Ruttan

Please meet long-time Centre-Sud/Sainte-Marie resident Jack Ruttan and his blog Utopia Moment.  Jack is a sketch artist and freelance copywriter.  I met Jack through this very website, ran into him a few times when walking Elliot towards the dog park and we have since found out we had a few friends in common (it’s a small world).  Anyhow, I started following his blog where you’ll find great (and sometimes funny) sketches which includes local residents walking by his home and you may even recognize a few local spots from time to time.  Most recently this summer, Jack blogged a little more about his surroundings including the closing of his local laundromat on De Rouen (a great local piece) and the creation of a green “ruelle” behind his home.  Définitivement un autre beau point de vue de notre quartier!

Sainte-Marie sketch by Jack Ruttan

Un article intéressant sur Spacing Montreal

Voici un article intéressant concernant le Faubourg à M’lasse sur Spacing Montréal.

A Blog on Centre-Sud Photos


Le balcon de Juliette dans la ruelle verte La Rivière juste au nord de rue Lariviére (entre Parthenai et Harmony). Photo: Jean Pierre Lacroix.

 I like to google Centre-Sud and most of the time I am unlucky in my searches but once in a while I find something very interesting.  In fact, right on, I was able to find another like-minded blogger focusing on the eastern side of the Centre-Sud neighbourhood, although unlike my historical story-telling take, I am happy to have found someone who is documenting the neighbourhood from a photographer’s point of view.

Please meet photographer and Centre-Sud/Sainte-Marie citizen Jean Pierre Lacroix and his photo blog Le Quartier Centre-Sud.  He is also the co-founder of a housing cooperative on Pathernais for local artists called Lezarts.  What I particularly liked about Jean-Pierre’s photos is how he captures very simple aspects of our daily lives but highlights them in very beautiful ways while making his images look like paintings.   I am very happy to share this blog and these images with you as you will get a chance to see yet another beautiful side of our neighbourhood.

Also, Jean-Pierre describes the history of Centre-Sud in a very interesting and succinct manner here in this blog post.

p.s.  this post got me thinking of an idea to highlight other great blogs from Centre-Sud/Sainte-Marie residents (whether or not they speak of the neighbourhood) so watch out for future blogs about blogs!  If you have any tips, please send me some links to check out.