St-Eusèbe ward research (first hint?)

Just spent an hour going through Google archives to see if I could get back into one of my next historical goals which was to track the history of how early Montreal 19th century neighbourhood history (parishes & « côtes » – see my pre-1840 early Montreal history series for more details) transformed into a more formal municipal ward system.  Additionally, I want to see when the Hochelega ward that started at Iberville officially changed lines to the CP rail tracks which ultimatley made way to the St-Eusèbe ward.  Never really found any books or maps to showcase Montreal wards to see at what period this happened so more research will be necessary.  Google searches provide election details of the St-Eusèbe ward starting in the 30s but I found this link to a 1903 story that is actually about  a St-Jean-Baptiste celebration which talks about how the festival procession leads to Cathedrals in different « divisions » (neighbourhoods?) made up of different « societies » (wards in the making?).  St-Eusèbe and other societies like Hochelaga, Notre-Dame-de-Grace and Villeray are mentioned here.  What I find interesting (and maybe I’m reading way too much between the lines) is that there seems to be a transition hint here from Parish-neighbourhoods to Ward-neighbourhoods.  On one hand, the French-Canadian catholic festival leads to cathedrals but involves more modern 20th century municipal divisions.  Anyhow, maybe this is a hint of the parish-to-ward change or maybe not.  Click here for the link to see for yourself.

Anyhow, definitely would like to pursue this research further when time will allow.  How did we go from parishes to wards?  What books are out there that could help find this information?  I fear this is not a simpler library textbook research.


Une réponse à “St-Eusèbe ward research (first hint?)

  1. I’m not sure if you’ve checked already, but the Bibliothèque nationale has a collection of historical maps online here:*
    I used an 1879 map to figure out the historical wards and villages that were amalgamated into the plateau…

    Happy hunting!


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